You can find below the list of PADI courses for experienced divers:

  • Going further: ADVENTURES IN DIVING

Ages 10 and up: You are naturally curious. You are captivated by the underwater world and would like to learn more. It is definitely time for you to further discover the world of diving, develop new knowledge and enhance your experience through the Adventures in Diving program which is a part of the Advanced Open Water Diver course.

The program consists of performing one or more thematic Adventure dives from the list below:

  1. Altitude Diver
  2. Boat Diver
  3. Deep Diver
  4. Digital Underwater Photographer
  5. Drift Diver
  6. Dry Suit Diver
  7. Enriched Air Diver
  8. Multilevel Diver
  9. Night Diver
  10. Peak Performance Buoyancy
  11. Search and Recovery Diver
  12. Sidemount Diver
  13. Surface Marker Buoy
  14. Underwater Naturalist
  15. Underwater Navigator
  16. Wreck Diver

If you perform 3 Adventure dives, you will qualify as an Adventure Diver.

Prerequisite: (Junior) Open Water Diver (or equivalent certificate).

Duration: between 2 and 3 hours per dive (incl. preparation)

Price: 150 CHF per Adventure dive


  • Improve you skills: ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER

Ages 12 and up: Would you like to go further? You can become an Advanced Open Water Diver. In this program, you will perform three types of dives from the list referenced above, with an addition of deep diving and underwater navigation.

With this certification, you get an access to all PADI specialties.

Upon completion of five dives, you will obtain a certificate of Junior Advanced Open Water Diver if you are 15 or younger, and an Advanced Open Water Diver certificate if you are 15 or older. You will be qualified for a dive up to 21 meters if you are 15 or younger and up to 30 meters if you are 15 or older.

Prerequisite: (Junior) Open Water Diver (or equivalent certificate)

Duration: 5 dives, between 2 and 3 hours per dive (incl. preparation)

Price: 980 CHF

Note that any thematic dive of the Adventures in Diving or Advanced Open Water Diver course can be credited as the first dive of a specialty course. If you find yourself attracted to a particular type of diving (e.g. Deep Diving, Underwater Navigation, Nitrox, etc.) and want to strengthen your skills as a diver in this area, you can carry on directly with the specialty because you have already completed the first required dive.


Advanced Open Water Diver

  • Saving: RESCUE DIVER

Ages 12 and up: During the Rescue Diver program, you will learn how to manage unforeseen or critical situations. This course significantly increases your level of responsibility in diving. You will develop new skills, such as assisting a fellow diver in a difficult situation, i.e. panicked or unconscious. You will learm how to provide first aid, properly manage an emergency, and conduct a search for a missing diver.

The course consists of 5 modules of theory, 5 modules of rescue exercises in the swimming pool and 4 rescue scenarios in open water.

Prerequisites: (Junior) Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent certificate) and 20 dives including one deep dive and one underwater navigation dive. In addition, in order to become a certified Rescue Diver students must have completed a CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) course within the last 24 months. We recommend to take the PADI EFR (Emergency First Response) course in order to meet this requirement.

Duration: several weeks (incl. courses held in classroom, dives in the pool and in the Lake)

Price: 1 460 CHF (EFR course not included), 1 800 CHF (EFR course included).

For all rescue exercises in the swimming pool, we offer the possibility of a private training at home in your private swimming pool. See our Services page.


Rescue Diver


Looking for a trusted diving buddy? Want to discover new diving sites? Or would you just feel more comfortable diving supervised by a PADI professional?

The Discover Local Diving program is specifically designed for that. You will discover a new aquatic environment that you may hesitate to explore yourself, safely supervised by a diving professional. You will therefore put away any apprehension.

If you have been inactive for some time, we advise you to complete the Scuba Review program to get back into the swing of things.

Price: 120 CHF



Haven’t gone diving in a while? Would you feel more comfortable to diving again after refresher course? The PADI Scuba Review program is designed for you.

During this course, you will review basic techniques learned during your Open Water Diver course (buoyancy, equipment, safety, dive planning, problem management) with the instructor in a swimming pool or confined open water environment. An optional but recommended open water dive will help you back into diving, accompanied by a PADI professional.

Prerequisite: (Junior) Open Water Diver (or equivalent certificate).

Duration: half of a day

Price: 120 CHF without the optional open water dive, 240 CHF including the optional open water dive.



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