• Overview of PADI scuba diving courses

We offer you a full range of recreational and professional PADI courses, from beginner to advanced, discovery of scuba diving, diving specialties and professional courses, including Open Water Scuba Instructor, as well as first aid courses. Certificates delivered by PADI are recognized around the world, wherever you are.

PADI scuba dving courses

For certified divers who have not gone diving for a while, we advise you to take the Scuba Review program in order to update your skills.

For those who would like to dive or discover dive sites with a professional, we recommend the Discover Local Diving program.

  • Duration of scuba diving courses

The duration of the courses are given as an indication, depending on your availability, your desires and your progress. We always adapt to your rhythm.

  • Rates of scuba diving courses

Prices quoted are all inclusive: they include courses taught by the Instructor, teaching materials of the PADI program chosen, diving equipment (except fins, mask and snorkel) and the price of the PADI certification, except for Divemasters and Open Water Scuba Instructors, where annual membership is paid directly to PADI by the professional him/herself. For students and unemployed, a 10% discount applies. For two students enrolling at the same time, a 20% discount applies.

If you wish to buy training packages (ex.: certificate + specialty) or follow up one training directly after the other, contact us and we will offer you special rates.

When you enroll for a course, you agree with following conditions:

  • Payment of 50% before the course starts, non-refundable once the course has started.
  • A 100 CHF penalty applies if a session is cancelled less than 48 hours before.
  • Children and scuba diving

Children can start discover scuba diving at the age of 8. From 10 years old, they can be certified and take part in normal dives, however under the supervision of an adult diver. Scuba diving is also an activity for the whole family!

  • Scuba diving services

For most courses, we can offer tailored services. We provide closed water diving courses at home if you have a large enough swimming pool and can organize private scuba diving lessons.


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