• The scuba diving Instructor

Dimitri is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor #980131, specialty instructor and Emergency First Response Instructor (EFRI). He has been diving since 2002. Dimitri pursues his passion for scuba diving in Geneva when he is not at his desk at a computer, in the waters, in the mountains, or in the air.

« Through scuba diving, students acquire and develop unsuspected knowledge and experiences. Consequently they learn to put them into perspective via their behavior and interaction with the aquatic environment. If scuba diving is above all a pleasure, preferably shared, security is also of utmost importance. Initial apprehension usually quickly disappears and make way to a pleasure that is often difficult to describe.

PADI scuba diving Instructor in Geneva

The other fundamental and integral aspect of a scuba diver’s training is of course a concern for environment’s preservation, which unfortunately tends to get totally disregarded nowadays. The underwater world is rich, fragile, infinitely complex, and incompatible with the short-term approach and behavior of today’s consumer society. What I teach my students is from the one side to have a simple attitude, humble, yet amazed by the beauty of nature and from the other side I have a responsibility to deliver an understanding of the need and beauty of preserving the nature that man lives in and has received as a deposit and must transmit to future generations.

As a PADI scuba diving instructor, I gain a lot from teaching both personally and professionally. I find teaching enriching, especially because you receive from your students as much as you give them. Observing their progress is extremely rewarding. Each and every student is unique and each brings his or her experience, desires, and sensitivities in to the process. From that, you learn a lot about yourself, especially how to improve your training and managing skills ».


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