• Scuba diving

Dive. Experience weightlessness. Immerse yourself in a world that seems very close, yet so far away, a world at your fingertips. Enjoy discovering the underwater world and never go back. Experience the world of silence. You will discover a whole new world, the world of scuba diving. You have not finished learning from and exploring it.

Welcome to under-water.ch, your diving courses in Geneva and Lake Geneva. We offer a full range of recreational PADI scuba diving courses, from beginner to advanced, discovery of scuba diving or diving specialties. We also offer professional courses that will allow you becoming Divemaster or PADI Instructor. Note that all certificates delivered by PADI are recognized around the world and allow you practicing scuba diving wherever you are.

We also offer children a chance to discover and experience underwater world in a swimming pool at a small depth starting from the age of 8. As matter of fact, scuba diving is not only for adults and can become an activity for the whole family!

Our closed water courses are usually held at the Varembé swimming pool, Avenue Giuseppe-Motta 46, Geneva. Open water courses are held in Hermance (Lake Geneva). We sometimes hold courses in the Mediterranean, depending on requests or planned travels. Training sessions are conducted by Dimitri Chichlo, PADI Instructor #980131, in French, English or Russian.

As an additional service to public courses, we can come to your residence to complete the courses directly in your swimming pool: if you own a swimming pool, we can organize custom, private lessons.

Scuba diving


[Thu 28 Feb]
Become a Nitrox diver! This is the most popular PADI specialty in the world! Have a glance at our Specialties page.

[Fri 01 Mar]
It is wintertime? Dive dry and warm! Come and discover Dry Suit diving! See our page Specialties page.

[Sat 02 Mar]
Diving is not just for adults! Visit our page Children.

[Sun 03 Mar]
Take up the Master Scuba Diver challenge, the highest qualification level of recreational diving!